King of the Court – [Introduction]

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There’s really no need to introduce Alan Stein. He is an expert strength, speed, agility, quickness, and conditioning coach – and very well known in the basketball community. Recently, we teamed up to share some ideas about the benefits of playing 1-on-1 basketball and came up with two great warm-up drills and sixteen 1-on-1 games that you can play with a partner in a gym, at the park, or in your driveway.

Chapter Title Time Price Play Button
Introduction 3:13 FREE
Warmup 4:08 $5.00
Games 1-3 3:44 $5.00
Games 4-6 5:08 $7.00
Games 7-9 4:13 $5.00
Games 10-12 3:47 $5.00
Games 13-14 3:01 $5.00
Games 15-16 3:29 $5.00

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